How to Use Video to Attract More Freelance Blogging Clients

Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a video and put it online before.

Really? That’s it?

I expected more, especially since Be A Freelance Blogger just covered the basics of video creation in a recent post.

Look, I’m not trying to make you feel bad. I get it — the prospect of making videos is daunting. I realize they take time, effort, and a whole lot of courage to start creating.

But what if I told you videos could help you attract more freelance blogging clients?

Are you more interested in trying out video now?

Yeah, I thought so.  [Read more…]

Bloggers, Beware of Productivity Porn!

Do you steal a few minutes to sneak some glances on your break from work?

Does the dim light of the screen dominate your sleepless nights?

Then you may be a victim of productivity porn. 

Productivity porn is an addiction to the self-help section of the internet.

Contrary to a healthy approach to self-improvement, productivity porn puts the addict in a perpetual state of seeking. For freelance bloggers, productivity porn translates to a pretext for procrastination that ultimately handicaps us from doing the thing that we do best: writing.

Instead, productivity porn paralyzes its addicts with the idea that they are not good enough and that they need a new fix before they can be a good writer. This habitual insecurity will easily kill the most beneficial habits.

Here’s why:  [Read more…]

52 Free Tools and Resources to Superfuel Your Freelance Blogging

You know most people think we’re idiots, right?

I mean, why would we go through all the trouble of starting our own business when we could just get a job?

We could do as we’re told, quit working at 5pm, and watch TV for the rest of the night. Why make it hard for ourselves?

To be honest, they’re right.

It is a stupid thing to do.

Starting your own business requires a ton of hard work. It takes time and dedication to learn all the skills you need to get off the ground.

You have to know how to write. You have to know how to market. You have to know how to sell.

And we don’t have the luxury to stop thinking about our work when the clock hits 5pm. Once you choose this lifestyle, it creeps into your mind and you find yourself thinking about it all the time.

But once it starts working, man does it feel good. Seeing that hard-earned cash roll in makes it all worth it.

But again, it takes time. Lots of time.

To help you speed up the process, I’ve put together a list of tools and resources for you to use to supercharge your freelance blogging. It ranges from tools to get ideas quicker to resources that will give you a kick in the butt.

All of them are free or have a free plan. Don’t worry if it seems overwhelming, I’ll give you a PDF with all the links so you can keep it close. [Read more…]

3 Systems to Catapult Your Freelance Blogging Business from Zero to $4,000 a Month

Are you a systems gal (or guy)?

Even if you’re not, but you’re trying to grow your freelance writing business, this post is for you!

Systems exist to make your work easier. By having the right systems in place, you’re less likely to drop the ball and more likely to stay focused and on task.

I set out with the goal of leaving work behind when I launched my freelance blogging business in May of 2014. As the sole income earner for our family of four, I knew I needed to be successful with my side hustle if I ever hoped to take it full-time.

I’m happy to say that’s been the case. I’ve now quit my day job and I’m free – free to bust my butt and hustle to earn a living in order to feed the one big and two small mouths I have at home.

Here are the 3 most effective systems I’ve created and implemented to help me go from a brand new freelancer to one who earns more than $4,000 per month inside of six months.  [Read more…]

How to Build Your Freelance Blogging Career While Traveling the World

One of the biggest benefits to working as a freelance blogger is flexibility.

You can work when you want and where you want. But how often do you actually take advantage of this location independence?

My guess: not enough. Many freelance bloggers want to travel more — but they don’t know where to start.

How will you communicate with clients? How will you get your writing done? How will you do all the little things it takes to keep your business running, while traveling at the same time?

As a travel blogger and freelance writer, these are problems I have definitely struggled with. And though it’s often been a challenge, I can say without a doubt it’s also been worth it.

If you’d like to start traveling more, here are 12 tips for keeping your freelance blogging business thriving from the road:  [Read more…]

Why “No” Is the Most Powerful Word in a Freelancer’s Vocabulary

It’s short. It only has two letters and one syllable.

You’d imagine the word “no” would be easy to say. After all, it’s the 56th most common word in English.

However, the difficulty isn’t in its pronunciation but in the emotional charge it holds. Most people think it’s a negative word.

I’ve discovered that saying “no” can have a positive impact on your career as a freelance blogger.

Unfortunately, the word “freelance” often comes with misconceptions attached, too.

To some clients, “freelance” means you don’t have set working hours, so you can be at their beck and call 24 hours a day. To others, it means you work for yourself, so you’ll be glad for the money and take on any old gig they send your way.

Until recently, I would’ve been anyone and done anything a client wanted, simply for the sake of avoiding upset. But saying “no” makes better business sense.

Here’s why:  [Read more…]

5 Ways To Showcase Your Testimonials and Wow New Clients

As a freelance blogger, it feels so good to know you’ve made a client happy.

You wish you could capture the joy of the client at that moment, frame it, and display for all to see. But it’s sometimes difficult to get recommendations or testimonials from clients, because they’re too busy or too distracted.

In a survey by Dimensional Research, results showed about 90% of customers were influenced by online reviews to make a purchase. People put a lot of trust in feedback given online, hence the need for freelancers to collect glowing testimonials.

Without testimonials, it’s that little bit harder to get the gigs you want at the rate you deserve.

No problem. There are several options you can explore to capture the feelings of your happy clients.  [Read more…]

Behold! Proof That Freelance Blogging is a Valid [And Lucrative] Career Choice

You know that cringe-worthy moment when someone asks you what you do for a living, and then they say…

“You’re a freelance blogger? That must be fun, but it’s not exactly a job, is it?”

Take heart — next time that happens you’ll have all the evidence you need to show them blogging isn’t only a hobby. In fact, you can prove it’s a bona fide, lucrative career choice.

If you’re a freelance blogger ready to join the big time, you need to treat blogging like a business and get your knowledge and tactics ready. Studying the business case for freelance blogging won’t only build your confidence in dinner party conversations; it’ll make you better at understanding and negotiating with clients, too.  [Read more…]