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How to Rock the Freelance Blogging Community: A Time-Saving Guide for Newbies

How to Rock the Freelance Blogging Community

So you want to learn to be a freelance blogger. What do your first moves look like?

Let me guess, something like this:

“Oh! Oh! I need to know this for sure!” Click. (Spends hours clicking from post to post, blog to blog.)

“Oooh this blogger looks cool!” Click-click. (Stalks them for 30 minutes.)

Or worse:

“Ohh, I need that!” Clickety-click click. (Spends 45 minutes clicking through training class advertisements and products, reaches for wallet.)

Four hours later you’re slumped over your computer, brain scrambled and eyes glazed over. Even worse, your path to success isn’t any clearer and you’re down a couple hundred bucks.

Time to admit you have a problem. You need a tour guide to help you trudge through the vast wasteland that is the internet. Allow me to assist.  I’d like to show you how to get your feet wet in this community without overwhelming your brain, your inbox or your wallet.

And chill out with the clicking—time’s a ticking!  Continue reading…

How to Start a Blogging Business When You’re Broke: The Magic of Profit from Zero

How to Start a Blogging Business When You're Broke: The Magic of Profit from Zero

You know that feeling that you’ve completely lost control of the situation? That terrifying, groping-around-corners-in-the-dark sensation that accompanies the death of a really good plan you had?

That’s how my blogging business was born.

Around the time I was financially desperate enough to scrounge for stray dimes rather than use my debit card to pay for a coffee, I decided it was time to start a business.

There were a few things that led up to this decision. I wanted to be a freelance writer working out of cafes in Buenos Aires, but I was a broke intern in Chicago. To bridge that gap I accepted a full-time job with a salary and benefits, only to be laid off almost as soon as I’d started.

For me, that was that moment in life when you realize it’s time to take matters into your own hands. And you head back to the drawing board to examine the overwhelming options — none of which will actually fix your paralysis, because they’re all just steps in another plan that you have to create from scratch.

They say it takes money to make money, but I lived for several months not knowing how I was going to pay the next month’s rent. I had to make something out of nothing, fast. Here’s how you work that instant blogging business magic:  Continue reading…

How to Protect Your Blog Posts from Copy-and-Paste Poachers

How to Protect Your Work from Online Poachers

Picture this: your heart starts racing as if you just sprinted a marathon. Cold sweat. Clammy palms. Panic ensues. These were all the feelings that bubbled up to the surface when I discovered my published work had been stolen. Google alerted me to the fact my first novel was being offered for free download. Only […]

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How to Break Free of the Employee Mindset and Make Your Own Freelance Success

How to Break Free of the Employee Mindset and Write Your Own Freelance Success Story

You don’t feel prepared for this. School taught you to sit quietly, memorize information, and spit it out during exams. That was fine for becoming an employee. You just swapped desks for cubicles, textbooks for company policies, and schoolyard crushes for HR nightmares. But now that you’re freelancing, hanging on to an employee mindset could sabotage […]

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How to Borrow My Clients and Make More Money Blogging

Borrow My Clients, Make More Money Blogging

Freelance blogging didn’t sound like this much effort when you first considered it. You’re working hard — probably harder than you need to — but damn, those top-dollar clients are an elusive bunch. Most of the time, you think yourself lucky if you can find clients who have a budget and no major psychological issues. I’ve got a solution […]

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6 Crucial Freelance Lessons from Writing for Content Mills

Six Profitable Freelance Lessons Learned from Writing for Content Mills

“Content mills.” If you’re a writer, just saying those words together is the emotional equivalent of cursing in front of your grandmother. Truthfully, content mills do make for a ridiculously easy target. They don’t pay enough. They work their writers to death. They churn out crappy copy and turn search engine results into dumpster dashes. […]

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How to Write a Brilliant Blog in a Boring Industry

How to Write a Brilliant Blog in a Boring Industry

Have you ever been contracted by a client who wanted you to blog for them, but they were in a “boring” industry? Maybe they only sell dental chairs or shoelaces. How on Earth do you come up with a blog to make those products interesting? I mean, it’s hard enough to constantly come up with […]

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Blogger of Interest: Francesca Nicasio of Be a Freelance Writer

Blogger of Interest | Be a Freelance Blogger

Taking a break from the usual long, written blog posts, here’s a video for you. A couple of weeks ago we started an occasional “Blogger of Interest” series in which we talk to freelance bloggers to find out how they’ve built their career and what tips they can share with us. This time, our blogger of […]

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Win $100 For Your Guest Post: It’s Another Pitchfest!

Enter the $100 Pitchfest | Be a Freelance Blogger

Are you new to Pitchfest? Wondering what it’s all about? Long story short: this is a contest that gives you a chance to wow us with your best guest post pitch and win $100 on publication of your post. See, I used to pay one guest blogger per month $50 for their post. But those paid […]

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Blogger of Interest: Helicopter Mom [And Just Plane Dad]

Blogger of Interest: Helicopter Mom And Just Plane Dad | Be a Freelance Blogger

Are you yawning over the endless stream of blog posts that tell you “How to do X” or “Why you should do Y”? Yeah, me too. So this month on Be a Freelance Blogger, you’ll get the chance to peek into the lives and careers of two other bloggers we like. Our first blogger of interest is C. […]

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