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How to Write Epic Shit for Your Clients: A Gonzo Blogging Guide

How to "Write Epic Shit" for Your Client’s Blog: A Gonzo Blogging Guide

Do you write epic content for your clients? The kind of content that readers will bookmark and come back to again and again?

If you do, great! I expect you to weigh in in the comments. If you don’t write epic content, why not?

Building a popular blog for your clients involves two things: promotion and writing brilliant content. Content that blows the audience’s minds, challenges and inspires them with the crazy value you provide. 

To help your client’s blog truly stand out, to help them build a raving audience of fans, you need to write epic shit. It works. For our purposes that’s all we need to know. Usefulness, emotional engagement and uniqueness win.

The Internet is full of junk. Don’t add to it. Write epic shit. In this post I’ll show you how to make your personal experience an asset, integral to the amazingness of the article, rather than something to strip away leaving only deadened objectivity.  Continue reading…

Pitchfest: Win $100 for Your Guest Post!

Enter the $100 Pitchfest | Be a Freelance Blogger

Every pitch you ever send to a blog editor or potential client is an entry into a contest for money.

When you pitch most blogs, you don’t get to see the other submissions they received that week.

Here, you do.

Let me explain. Pitchfest is a guest post pitching contest for freelance bloggers.

You pitch us a guest post idea in the comments section, we comment back with advice and encouragement, then we choose our favourite ideas to publish here on Be a Freelance Blogger. We do it all in the comments section of this post right here, so everyone can read the pitches and learn from the process. And there’s a $100 prize for the winner. :)

So far we’ve done this twice: here in December 2013 and here in February 2014. Both times, we got some fantastic entries and enjoyed in-depth conversations about how to create and improve your blogging pitches.

Now it’s time for another round. Are you ready?  Continue reading…

Who Made YOU the Boss?

Who Died and Made YOU the Boss?

You the Boss: “You gave your word. You have to send out 3 queries by the end of today. Now get off Facebook.” You the Employee: “Yeah I know, but I can always do it tomorrow.” You the Boss: “You’ve said that for a week!” Does this sound familiar? We promise ourselves, and our ‘boss’ […]

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4 Essential Ways to Nail the Voice of Your Client

4 Essential Ways to Nail the Voice of Your Client [image]

Finding your own writing voice is tough. Should you write how you speak, or use the language your audience uses? How do you identify the voice they want to hear? So many questions. So much frustration. And so much work to be done with a subject you know rather well — yourself. But finding the voice […]

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3 Things You Can Do to Be an Expert Blogger in Any Niche

3 Things You Can Do to Be an Expert Blogger in Any Niche

“I can’t do this.” “I don’t know enough about this topic to charge THAT much.” “I’m not an expert in this area.” Any of those lines sound familiar? You’re not alone. Those were the exact thoughts running through my head when I was approached by a startup that wanted me to write about big data analytics […]

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How One Fashion Blogger Wins Freelance Gigs With Style

How One Fashion Blogger Wins Freelance Gigs With Style [image]

Let’s play a game. When I say “fashion blogger”, you say… Airhead? Vain? Hobbyist? Try this one for size: hard-working professional writer. Fashion bloggers have a bad rep lately. Industry veterans see us as an amateur trend that should’ve died already, while the average internet citizen thinks we’re all self-absorbed model-wannabes. Having been a style […]

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How to Go Viral Without the Legwork

How to Go Viral Without the Legwork

Psst! Want to know a secret? If I said you could get read and retweeted globally, find a whole new audience for your work and increase your published clips by doing nothing would you believe me? I thought not. But you can. Being published on a globally read blog can take some effort. Pitch after […]

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How to Earn $1,500 a Year from ONE Blog Post

How to Earn $1,500 a Year from ONE Blog Post

Meaningful relationships create effortless rewards. So effortless you forget how miraculous they seem to others. In your freelance blogging business — in any business — a seemingly insignificant effort may blossom into something grand, much like the growth of a garden. I’m going to show you how to step up a level in your freelancing business using complementary […]

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Is This What Freelance Writing Looks Like in 2014?

The State of Freelance Writing in 2014

Feel like maybe you could charge more for your blogging services? Yep, you probably could. We proved that in The Be a Freelance Blogger Rate Guide, and now the Copypress Community has carried out a survey of 247 writers to create a free report, The State of Freelance Writing 2014. It’s not just about writing […]

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Why Your Freelance Writer Website Makes You Sound Like an Idiot

Why Your Freelance Writer Website Makes You Sound Like an Idiot [And How to Get Your True Voice Back]

Your dream client is visiting your freelance writer website right now, while you’re reading this. They heard about you, they think you sound awesome, and their budget is huge. But what they read on your website puts them off the idea. They don’t pick up the phone. They hit backspace, and they go somewhere else. Do […]

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